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Hound Dog
hound dog hound dog hound dog hound dog hound dog

The first of our stock-build bikes, Deane Rubright has christened his bobber "Hound Dog." The 200 rigid, stock spec'd with an 80" HD crate motor retails for $14,995. Deane decided to tweak up the specs from stock with a passenger seat, sissy bar, a handful of other minor embellishments...and a 113" engine.

Owner Deane Rubright
Builder Venom Choppers
Year 2005
Model Hound Dog
Engine 113 Ultima
Pipes Big Growl Drag
Transmission Roadmax
Speeds 5
Primary Drive 3" open BDL
Bars Midwest
Frame Builder Midwest
Type Rigid
Rake 34°
Stretch 4" up, 2" out
Forks 2 over
Fenders Midwest/Venom Choppers
Seat Venom Choppers/Duane Ballard
Hand Controls Midwest
Forward Controls Midwest
Gas Tank Midwest/Venom Choppers
Wheels 60 Spoke
Tires 200 rear, 90/90x21 front
Paint Venom Choppers Flat Black