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A Night of Sin

Chris Kane's 250 Softail


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Life's A Gamble

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One Sick Mother


John Rouse's 250 Softail

1975 Shovelhead


The 300 bike has officially been dubbed Roadkill. I have a 300 RSD, drop seat, curved backbone, curved single down tube frame, 6-up, 3-out with a 47° neck and 7° trees for a total of 54 degrees of rake with a 16-over front end.

Owner Mike Palmer
Builder Venom Choppers
Year 2005
Model Roadkill
Engine Polished 120 Ultima
Pipes Samson Bone Shakers
Transmission Polished RSD
Speeds 6
Primary Drive 3" open BDL
Bars Venom Choppers
Frame Builder Killer Chopper
Type Soft tail
Rake 47° neck with 7° Trees
Stretch 6" up, 3" out
Forks 16 over Mean Street Lowers
Fenders Venom Choppers
Seat Venom Choppers/Shoreham Upholstery
Hand Controls Exile internal throttle
Forward Controls Venom Choppers
Gas Tank Venom Choppers
Wheels Weld Racing Gladiator
Tires 300 rear, 90/90x21 front, Avons
Paint Sin on Tin

Special Features
Tail light built into rear fender, foot clutch, hand shift,single foot control for both brakes, dual headlights mounted on frame downtube, sawblade chin spoiler, framerail oil cooler, swingarm mounted oil tank, railroad spike forward controls, centrifugal auto clutch, right-side kickstand, and a bunch more little ones you'll have to come look for.